Scientific Counsel

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a consultative body of the Rectorate, consisting of 5 members representing all the scientific departments within the Institute.
The Scientific Council contributes to the evaluation of the research activity of teaching staff, scientific researchers, PhD students and students involved in research activities, as well as research units (eg laboratories, centers, departments, institutes, etc.) in the university.
Duties of the Scientific Council:

  • To formulate points of view, develop strategies, hierarchies, regulations and concrete proposals for punctual measures on scientific research (research-development-innovation).
  • Coordinate assignment actions:

    • Prizes for the most valuable scientific results (eg books, papers, etc.) of teaching staff, researchers and university students
    • Diplomas of excellence in scientific research
    • Student performance scholarships
    • Other prizes or ways of supporting RDI activity, including for publications
  • Examine and endorse scientific research projects as well as their institutional implementation.
  • Advise decisions that involve the research policy of the institute.
  • It endorses proposals for organizing and reorganizing the institute, based on the scientific research results obtained within the research groups.
  • Proposes measures for professional development and for assigning research staff to professional, scientific and academic degrees.
  • Makes proposals on how to organize contests for the recruitment and promotion of research staff.
  • Proposes the competition commissions to promote attesting positions and confirms the results of the competitions for the first, second and third level scientific researcher positions and scientific researcher.
  • Organize and coordinate the conduct of scientific actions.
  • Endorses the cooperative, domestic and international, scientific-purpose.
  • Approves granting scholarships and internships abroad.