UAT Mission

The Mission of the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureş

At present, the University of Arts in Târgu Mureş prepares, at the level of bachelor and masters courses, specialists in the performing arts, actors of drama theater and theater of animation, theater directors, theatrologists, music teachers and stage designers, in Romanian and Hungarian. The Arts University is a doctorate organizing institution, providing superior university science education in the field of theater. At the same time, the University is a spectacular institution with a drama theater and an animated drama theater, under construction, with theatrical performances organized under professional artistic and organizational conditions. As a result, the mission of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureş focuses on the following:

  • Organization of undergraduate, masters and doctoral studies, and the improvement of the process of training creators and specialists in the field of theatrical, musical and artistic arts at the level of the qualitative requirements of a society based on knowledge, culture and continuous education.
  • Promotion of the creative activities of teachers and students in the field of theatrical, musical and artistic arts, as well as the research of the artistic universe, in accordance with the requirements of the national and international value chain.
  • Provide a framework of multicultural, multi-linguistic and inter-confessional interferences for the teaching, learning, creation and research in Romanian and Hungarian, on equal terms.
  • Participation in local, regional and national development through the effective involvement of the activities carried out in the cultural and educational life of the community.

Artistic education is predominantly vocational. However, the formation of language and creative structures also involves the appropriation of a vast intellectual culture. Regardless of the specialization or the language of study, it is ensured the formation of skills and the acquiring of knowledge that will allow the gradual professional development of the graduates. The teaching objectives, designed in the spirit of this principle, are as follows:

  • In the specialization of performing arts (acting, direction, dolls and puppets, choreography) the aim of the undergraduate studies is the formation of valuable directors and actors with a suitable theatrical culture, prepared to direct theater performances and perform roles in performances theatrical, musical, animation, television and movies. The aim is to cultivate students’ talent, to train their artistic personality, to develop their expressive means. It assures the acquisition of a theatrical and intellectual culture appropriate to the requirements of scenic creation.
  • In the case of theatrology specialization (cultural management, theatrical journalism), at the level of the bachelor studies it is intended the formation of theater people with a thorough theatrical culture and with a complex cultural level, allowing their integration into the stage creation process, in the critique theatrical research, the theatrical phenomenon, the theatrical education and the media.
  • The music pedagogy bachelor study program aims at the formation of music teachers with a thorough musical culture, the development of the skills and practical skills of the students – a complex of factors necessary for achieving a performant didactic-pedagogical profile.
  • The didactic assignment of the undergraduate studies of artistic scenography and scenario focuses on providing a thorough visual and artistic preparation in order to train the skills required for performing scenography and artistic events. The aim is to cultivate students’ talent, to train their artistic personality and to acquire a theatrical and intellectual culture appropriate to the requirements of scenic creation.
  • The mission of the master’s program of actor’s art and actor’s art in Hungarian consists in the formation of valuable actors with a suitable theatrical culture, prepared to play dramatic characters in theatrical, musical, television and Romanian films in Romanian and Hungarian. To this end, it is aimed at: deepening the specialized knowledge in the field of actor’s art, the development of creative scenic thinking, the means of vocal and body expression in the scenic stage of the performances; deepening the studies on dramatic character design, experimenting with phases of the stage creation process and the actors’ stages from text to show in the stage of stage rehearsals and public presentation of performances; cultivating the capacities of stage performance of the dramatic characters, exercising the skills and interpretative skills in the conditions of the preparation and presentation of the public performances; knowledge and experimentation of co-operating rules with directors, scenographers, and stage service staff; the appropriation of stage discipline and the rules of conduct in the theatrical creation teams in the process of assembling and presenting public performances; presenting the themes and basic choices of contemporary theoretical thinking about actor’s art; developing the intellectual culture of students, deepening the knowledge of contemporary dramatic literature; training professional skills and enhancing intellectual skills specific to the study and scientific research of actor’s art; acquiring methods and procedures for analyzing and scientific research of actor’s art.
  • The objectives of the doctoral studies in the theatrical field are focused on the formation of theater people with a superior academic qualification by completing their theatrical culture, allowing them to integrate effectively in the theatrical creation process, in the scientific research of theatrical phenomena, in theatrical critique, in the theatrical education.

The didactic activity of the University of Arts is inseparable from artistic creation and scientific research:

  • In the field of theatrical creation, the university supports the artistic activity of the teaching staff and ensures conditions, in the spirit of creative freedom, for the realization of artistic performances, including alternative performances on the stage of Studio Theater; the university organizes a theater stage annually, participates with Studio Theater troupes at domestic and international theater festivals, and also ensures the transport of persons involved in the presentation of performances, both on domestic and external trips, on their own with means of transportation university property.
  • In the field of scientific research, the university stimulates the study of artistic phenomena, including the problems of theatrical and musical pedagogy. For these purposes, scientific sessions are organized, by the UATPress University Publishing House of Târgu-Mureş, specialized books, courses, as well as the scientific journal with periodical appearance, Symbolon; at the same time it supports the participation of teachers and students in national and international artistic and scientific manifestations.