Vasiniuc Tiberius
– CV
– Self-evaluation sheet
– List of works and creations

COMPETITION for vacancy, published in the Official Gazette Part III, no. 1359 dated 05.12.2018 by the UNIVERSITY OF ARTES OF TÂRGU-MUREŞ
Theater and Multimedia Research Institute
Third grade scientific researcher, position no. 4, the discipline of the curriculum: History of theater – Romanian line.

Calendar of the contest
– application for registration
– statement
– self-evaluation sheet
– Standards Sheet
– Framework Methodology for the Occupation of Teaching Staff, Methodology and Senate Decision / Senate Office of the University.

Full result of the competition for vacant teaching positions
List of candidates enrolled in the competition for vacant positions in the competition in the first semester
Legal notice for the contest
Resolution on verifying the information in the verification sheet

Further information can be obtained at 0265-266281 or at the University of Arts in Tîrgu-Mureş, Köteles Sámuel street no. 6.