The Institute for Theatrical and Multimedia Research at Târgu-Mures University of Arts (Romania) is organizing a three-day research workshop from 13 to 15 November 2019, led by Patrice Pavis, focusing on theater and new performative forms.

The course of the workshop will be as follows:

  1. First day: round table on the theme of the translation of theatrical text (translation of plays or theoretical works related to theater);
  2. Second day: workshop of analysis of the dramatic performative text, on a piece to define still;
  3. Third day: round table on some recent theoretical texts by Patrice Pavis: “(The) theater and its linings”, “Performance (extension of the field of …)”, “Staged since 2000”.

The working language of the workshop will be French.

The organizers will select 12 people, researchers with the title of doctor or the status of doctoral student, who will participate during the three days in a dialogue with Patrice Pavis on the themes announced. The working documents necessary for the smooth running of the workshop will then be sent to them by e-mail.

The organizers intend to publish a volume to leave a trace of this workshop.

Applications to participate in this workshop (letter of motivation accompanied by a biographical note, in French, in Word format) are to be sent by e-mail, before July 30, 2019, to the following two e-mail addresses:

Sorin Crisan:

Julien Daillère:

Proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee which will issue its opinion by August 15, 2019.